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I know from the original owner, mydad thatit went to a carbon black plant under war dept contract, about a milenorth ofstonewall, ok. I have theoriginal htralthat came with it as well as original tools, holders, 3 and 4 jawchucks, followerrest, steady rest, tools, faceplates mt adaptors, etc. I have talked with a couple of other people who have thesamemachine but there cant be too many of them around. Cl444-z, 6-speed hmd bench lathe, believed shipped to redding highschool,redding, ca. Jail for deadbeat dad in canada free dating, singles and .... The horizontal had one cover that coveredthe topof the head and the belt all the way back to the countershaft cone. Kingdom dating. He was a "hobby" machinist and machine has verylittlewear at all. The lathe was used in asmallshop and later moved to a home shop. Hcm singles ministry. 

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It seems to be invery goodcondition as dad was always careful to preserve it even though hedidnt use itmuch. It is serialnumber19053ncr9, invoiced on 12-14-1949. Shipped it to smithcourtney which was a south bend distributor at the time in and aroundroanoke virginia. Recorded forsale in trade-me, wellington, new zealand back in march 08. Sexdating i danmark. Original customer was marathonelectric in wausau, wisconsin. Apparently sb made afew ofthe 10ks with the variable drive during 1967 and 1968, and i had oneof those. With the chuck and tailstock on,i have about 17 of clearance to cut with on that machine. It has taken four years to find all the newparts tocomplete the project. Can you imagine the mess that a sehun and tzuyu dating .... 

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Ub102, has a cabinet withdrawers on the right and the motor and belt adjust on the left with ushapedpipe feet, it came out of a high school auto shop, and showsremarkably littlewear. Info from leblond is that it wasshipped tobugbee niles co north attleboro, massachusetts. I have cleaned and oiled it, and it now runs verysmoothly. Glover singles dating site, glover single personals, glover .... Dating in the kingdom of god: prince k. dube .... American horror story actors dating. There was also a milling attachment with thelathe,which appears to have come with it new, but it doesnt look the sameas some asthose in the catalogues. It camecompletewith all of its accessories, both steadies, micrometer stop, chucksandfaceplate/driver plate. Lurgan dating, lurgan online personals. It isinexcellent shape with extremely minimal wear on the ways, it has onenick andthe frosting looks excellent, and no rust to be found. Original customer: sid harvey, inc in valleystream,long island new york. It has a plateon thefront door from the reseller  tranter mfg. Cl615-y, 12-speed hmd benchlathe, 1/2hp; 220v/3ph/60cy (actual motor 1/2hp; 115v/1ph/60cy1725rpm) 1800rpm(converted to a model a). It also has thelargeshaving pan bolted to cabinet and full length to the end frame. Shealledgedly was in a school and has the battle scars and unusual wearto proveit. 

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There are also brass "dams" near the rightend of theheadstock to prevent coolant from running under the headstock. More dating drawings images. Dating and nonverbal cues: how to spot interest in a .... Crispin glover dating history. Shipped to fortwashington, pa 198021366r, invoice, 2/8/1980, 10l x 4-1/2, catalogno. It has apparentlyspent itsentire life in the pittsburgh area. It was apparentlysold tothe state of ct/dept of education (the lathe had a tag on it statingthat). Fluorescent sockets | single pin sockets. This lathe is somewhat unusual because it has a factoryvariable speeddrive on it. Quotes dating a married man. The endof the bed is supported by the usual a-frame support. I bought it from northwestern university, as it was an extrapiece ofequipment. Had original (blank) registrationcard and aportion of the (apparently) original parts manual. It came to me with what appears tobe anoriginal taper attachment and micrometer carriage stop. Lurgan dating. The original owner worked as general machinist in the houstonarea andretired to minnesota in the 1970s, bringing the lathe with him. Thelathe has the usual "tool room" model equipment andaccessories. The slide has tee slots and the vice isbolted tothese. The ways still showthescrape marks from the factory(?) i see very little wear. 

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